February 10th - Looney's Perry Hall

February 24th - Looney's Bel Air

March 10th - Twain’s Tavern

March 25th - Waterfront Hotel

April 22nd - McAvoy's

May 19th - Looney's Bel Air

June 2nd - Looney's Perry Hall

June 16th - Twain's Tavern

June 17th - Balla Cloiche Vineyards

July 6th - Mountain Branch

July 29th - Brewers Landing

July 30th - Tiki Lee's Dock Bar

August 3rd - Mountain Branch

August 11th - The Jetty

August 12th - The Stables at Westminster

August 25th - Looney's Bel Air

August 26th - Cancun Cantina

September 9th - McAvoy's

September 23rd - The Jetty

October 20th - Loon-A-Sea (formerly River Watch)

November 3rd - Looney's Perry Hall

November 18th - Cancun Cantina

November 22nd - TBA (Turkey Eve)